Designs for Freshen Boutique Spa

This project holds a special place in my heart, as it was my very first paid, freelance design job. When I was contacted by the owner of Freshen, a boutique spa in Wisconsin, I was overly excited to land my first paid gig. 

She needed a complete logo and brand guide, and had a very specific idea already in her mind. She knew that she wanted to include lemons, water, and lavender all within a simple "illustration like" logo. After hours of back and forth we finally nailed in a design that the client was thrilled with, and I was thrilled to have pleased my first client. 

The original inspiration given to me by the client, complete with clip art of various styles and sizes. 

My first round of sketch directions delivered to the client based on their inspiration images.

The final logo design agreed upon after numerous rounds of sketch refinements, color selections, and font decisions.


Delivered to the client with a full brand package of file types, colors and fonts.