Riley Grim

San Luis Obispo

Committed to
Becoming Your Most Reliable Teammate 

I thrive in collaborative settings where I can learn and grow with my teammates. I am energized by creative problem solving and education, always striving to become a better designer and photographer. I am just getting started in my career and while my years of experience are small, the energy and dedication I bring is big. 


As a young designer I have been working to lay the framework for a solid design career. I have mastered the building blocks of digital design, and am searching for the challenge that will take me to the next level. 

In Pursuit of a Creative Career

Digital Designer,



While I have found most of my freelance work in the world of portraiture, my true passion for photography lies in brand and commercial projects. I love manipulating light sources and the details of a set to create something entirely unique and thought provoking.